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Bernard & Arnaud BESSOUD in the Artist Studio section of "Le Musée Idéal" Edition of December 2022

Le Musée Idéal: this new Art Magazine published by French newspaper of reference, Le Monde, is a real guided tour in an imaginary museum. This quarterly magazine offers more than 128 pages of a rich and abundant discovery of pictorial art, in a beautiful object to collect, where information passes through emotion. The journey begins in the vestibule of a museum. A sign invites visitors in a hurry to take a corridor towards the room which houses “the masterpiece”. We will look at it later. Let's first discover the exceptional exhibition that The Ideal Museum is dedicating in its December edition to a master of Art Nouveau, golds and colors, Gustav Klimt. The adventure then continues, room after room, with the masterpiece from the permanent collection, the lunch break, where art and gastronomy are staged, the small museum which houses a painting explained to children , the museum's small bookstore, and, outside the walls, favorites from The Ideal Museum, including the likes of Canaletto, Cézanne, Frida Kahlo, and many others....

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